About Us

We’ve been in the jewelry business since 2006; we specialize in 18K gold plated and engagement diamond rings, located in Los Angeles, we have more than 700 unique designs that we manufacture in our own manufacture, all our gold items come with signed certificates. Our customers are always a top priority for us.

Quality Fine Jewelry is a set of unique jewelry designs capable of enhancing the look of any outfit. The jewelry includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more, each decorated with various colorful stones.

We provide users with customized jewelry designs capable of being worn with numerous outfits, including 14K solid gold materials, 18K gold plated-over silver materials, and more, in each piece of jewelry. Our collection features over 500 unique designs of jewelry.

In Quality Fine Jewelry we use genuine gemstones, diamonds, and other types of stones in the construction of the jewelry, offering a stylish accessory designed to be worn during workdays, at social events, on dates, and much more to improve the look of an outfit.

People may want to purchase different looks and styles of jewelry to match various outfits; however, this can be expensive. Having different types and sizes of jewelry can be beneficial for those who attend numerous social and work events.

Quality Fine Jewelry is bracelets, necklaces, and other pre-assembled jewelry pieces capable of accentuating various outfits. The jewelry is comprised of 14K solid gold material, 18K gold plated-over silver material, and the like. The jewelry shapes and sizes include 18” necklaces, 7.5” rings, and 7” bracelets. There are 500 unique designs available for wholesale in our store. Stones on this jewelry may be comprised of gemstones, diamonds, and much more. Each piece of jewelry is outfitted with numerous stones of varying colors, each offering a unique and customized look for the wearer.